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Our panel saws are designed for many applications: photo frames, aquariums, billboards, …

> Foam plates


> Acryl, PMMA

> PU

> Forex®

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Name : Frank Meunier 
User : Europub, Remiremont - France 
Model H5

“We have already bought two panel saws V-Sign (a small, and then a bigger one). Those machines are user-friendly and are working every day for 8 years without any problem. They make us save much time and money, and improve the quality of our products. We recommend them to everyone in our sector of activity”
Name : Koen Vandesompele
User : VTC, Mouscron - Belgium
Model P6

"10 years ago, we bought panel saws to our partner V-Sign. We are specialized in the equipment of commercial vehicles, and those machines make our work easier! Our foreman Frederic can confirm that the use of them is very easy to learn, and that they are very safe. Also, thanks to the V-Sign customer service, the problems are resolved in a blink of an eye! In other words, it is a profitable investment!”
Name : Chris Walsh
User : Cypress Falls High School - Department: Industrial Tech - USA
Model H5

"With this machine, we saved hours of installation. It is easy to use and safe for students who use power tools for the first time, which is a very big problem in my area. I used it for cutting 4x8 plywood pieces, and for all kinds of applications. Great machine!”
Name : Werner Graf
User : Graf Werbetechnik, Frankfurt - Germany
Model H5

"3 years ago we bought the H5 panel saw from the compagny V-Sign: one of the bst investments ever made. The machine is very simple to use (everyone uses it in the shop) and cuts all the materials we use. I do no longer pay my board provider for cutting up my panels and my reaction time to deliver my clients is now at the best. And now, all we had left before, are yet being used.”
Name : Lee Matthews
User : Idge Falls High School - Department: Agriculture - USA
Model C5

"The Safety Speed panel saw is the best machine we bought since a long time. It is so easy and safe that even my first-graders can use it.”

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